Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh what the new year brings

Well, mother nature is up to her normal things here in Idaho.  We are living in weather that seems to be barely livable in.  It is a new normal for us to not even have it reach 20 degrees F.  Usually we don't even hit 0 degrees F to be more realistic.  There is more snow this winter so far than last winter and it is definitely colder.  We have had it get as cold as -18 degrees F... and the other day when I took our dogs out to play a little my boogers froze for the first time ever... that hurts!!!

This year we are hoping to get out of this igloo and go to somewhere warmer.  We are hoping to be leaving Idaho sometime this year... cross our fingers.  We watch the Travel channel on TV and just dream of warmth and oceans and tanning on the beach.  We have seen, on that same channel, some beautiful hotels that we feel as though one should be worthy of staying in (for free) if they live in Idaho weather for a certain amount of time.

Another random thought, here at school they started using something different to melt the ice all over.  Well, that stuff was being tracked in by everyone and creating a greasy/slippery floor for everyone to slip-n-slide on... or just fall not-so-gracefully.  I did the later and just about broke my arm/elbow.  It was just horrible.  I have never had to wear a sling before and it was just horrible getting around campus with one working arm.  Taking notes wasn't even the hard part(since it was my right arm that I write with that got hurt), it was the lack of understanding from people around campus.  I would push the automatic door opener so that I could walk through and then everyone and their brother would walk right through it not allowing me, the one whole really needed it to be open for, to get through.  What in the world!?  Sorry, stepping off the stool.  Anyways, I thankfully don't have to wear the sling anymore, but have to be super careful how I place it on tables and such since there is really bad bruising and sensitivity to it still.  By the way, they didn't get the picture to change their ice melting stuff till three days later after more than 15 people had fallen where I fell... smart university (can you hear the sarcasm)

This past December I had my first white Christmas... and the snow hasn't left.  I am done with it, but apparently it is not done with us because we have over a foot of it now just sitting all over the place.

Speaking of Christmas we had a wonderful one down in Salt Lake.  We were able to spend lots of time with  family.  We went to Temple Square and saw the lights there, that was the first time I had seen them and so that was fun for me.  Christmas is my favorite season, not because of the presents, but the extra love that I feel from people.  I have some across some really nice people and some not so nice, but during Christmas I seem to meet a lot more nice people than grumpy people.  It is a nice thing.  To me it isn't about the amount of gifts, but celebrating the gift given to us and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Well, I hope the new year is treating everyone well and that you are still reaching for your goals that you set. I know I am!

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