Friday, October 16, 2009

Training Indie

I am such a proud mama!  Lol, I know i shouldn't brag or anything, but I do feel proud of myself!  I am learning so so much with Indie and he is learning a lot too! 

I've been reading this "Puppies for Dummies" book that a good friend let me borrow and it says that the first things that a puppy needs to learn is his name.... so that's what progress we've been trying to make.  Indie is now 11 weeks old and officially knows his name!  I am so proud of him and I for working together to get the name thing down.  Be it, when he is out in the back and he gets his little sniff on, there is no getting his attention and he just goes sniffin and sniffin and wont listen to anything.  But that's probably something he'll grow out of. 

The second most important thing that the book says that he needs to know is potty and where it is ok to go potty.Well, for the first week that we had him it was going great!  Until the tropical storm came and made everything wet and trust me... he's not the type that likes to be messy.  So, that being said he wouldn't go!  That was frustrating... he would go inside though!  Ahh!!!  So, after the strom passed and everything dried up he ventured out to the yard and is almost back to his normal schedule. 

Today was my first scare with him (mainly why I'm blogging, so I can look back and laugh at how worried and over reactive I was at this point in time with the first puppy in my life).  I wish that the book for dummies had answers on how to take care of a puppy that has a certain list of symptoms, but it doesn't, so the following is my first "Ahh!! what the heck do I do!?"

It was in the 90's today, and yes we had a storm come through like two days ago! and I know when I am hot I don't like to be outside, I just WANT TO BE COLD.  Anyways, I couldn't be home today because I had an all day training meeting for my job, it was all the way up in SLO and that meant that I couldn't be home to play, take Indie out, etc.  Well, I was thinking about the poor little fellow all day when I was up there because it was so darn hot!  I was thinking, "This is his first heat wave! And I'm not there to make sure he's drinking enough water and eating plenty and going potty."  Needless to say I was a worried mama.  I got home and he was excited as usual to see me, and then he just plopped down and didn't want to do anything.  I mean nothing!  He didn't want his favorite toy in the whole world; didn't want to eat or drink; and one time as he went to go and scratch his ear, the poor little one fell over out of exhaustion.  I knew it was too late to take him to the Vet and so I called my dad, he just said that I shouldn't worry and that he'll be fine.  Thanks dad, but that's not quiet what I was looking for.  I knew he would be fine, I just needed to know how to help him! 

I walked over to my neighbor across the street(who let me use her book) and took Indie with me.  I was telling them all the signs and symptoms... and they just laughed and said oh boy!  They just said that this was normal for a dog and that he was just really super warm and needed some where cool and to be cool.  Now, they also have a young poodle and so both our dogs played and chased each other around till the were both so tired and we were laughing so hard.  They were so helpful and I will forever remember tonight because of how worried I was and how overly motherly, I guess you would call it, I was.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Addition!

Introducing Indiana "Indie" Jones

Indie is the newsest member of our family!  He is the cutest little dog and has such a great personality!
Indie loves to lick when he is happy!  
We love the way that he is so social and loves to greet us with such happiness and pure love
when we get home from work and school.

Here he is meeting Aunt Carolyn and loving every minute of it.  
We got Indie on October 7, 2009 from a home breeder in Lompoc, CA.
Every morning Indie loves to wake us up around 5 AM
and loves to play with his favorite frog to get all his morning wiggles out.


Indie is such a smart puppy!
At this age in his life, he's just suppose to be learning how to potty
train and learning his name, which both ar ecoming along.
As a bonus, he knows how to play fetch already,
he even has a tiny ball that fits his little mouth!!

We are so excited to have Indie and to be learning so many new things about raising a puppy!
(very good birth control too ;)  ) 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Before General Conference was broadcast over so many different venues, we as a family, when I was little, would always go down to the Stake Center in our area to watch General Conference. I remember coloring packets that had to do with the Prophets and speakers and as I got older I remember taking notes and learning more about the Gospel and applying it in our every day lives.

Today, as I got up, I don't think have ever been so happy to get up early and watch General Conference. I don't think I realized how much of a blessing it is. I can honestly say that my cup is so full now that I feel like I don't know if I can wait for next General Conference. It seems so far away.

In our every day lives, the need for guidance and direction is what drives us to our knees and with humble hearts, pray to our Father in Heaven for answers. Today, the talks that were given filled those questions, answers and concerns that have been going through my head.

I have a new look on life. There are renewed spirits to keep moving forward and progressing. There is a new light that is in my life that was not there before. This is why I loved Conference today. Some how and some way, the Gospel applies to each one of us and if we are searching and praying for those ways we will be blessed to find them if we but humble our selves.

I cannot wait for Sunday's Sessions! Please watch them and be Spiritually feed.