Monday, January 23, 2012

Who-da-ho?.... no... Idaho!

Yes, we made it to Idaho for school!  We had a good time on the drive up and could not have asked for any better weather.  Of course there were ups and downs to the whole trip, one of the biggest ones being that our 26 foot long moving truck's tire split.  Thankfully it was noticed when we stopped for gas just outside of Donner's Pass and so we did not have to deal with it on the side of the road.  What a blessing that was.  The second thing that didn't go as planned was that when we arrived up here (late at night) that our key was not where the rental company said it would be... yeah that made nobody happy.  Thankfully we were able to get in, I wont mention how, but we got in :).  The next day was spent unloading the moving truck... boy you never know how much stuff you actually have till you have to go through it all and pack it/unload it.  We found out the hard way that with just us two, we already have way too much stuff, but we love all our stuff.

Here is my sister Carolyn in the driver seat of our moving truck that had just been unloaded.
It took a few days of some serious box unpacking to get the necessities out, but we did it thanks to the wonderful help of my dad, mom and two sisters.  I don't think we could have gotten settled-in in such good timing had it not been for the help of family.  Thanks guys!

Our dogs watching us unload the truck... I was wishing they had hands at this point :)
We like our new house.  It has it's goods and bads, just like all things do, but overall I think we fit it pretty well.  The property is on a half acre, with a large backyard.  We love it because our dogs can go outside and play and have lots to do out there.  They love it probably more then we do.

Our backyard... and the first snow that we saw here.
I have to say that coming up here I was very nervous about how our dogs would react to the cold and the snow.  I figured Olivia would love it, and she does love it so much.  I didn't know quite how our two smaller dogs would like it though, turns out my gut instincts were right.  Belle loves the snow.  She loves to get her ball or Kong and play fetch in the snow.  She is definitely an independent girl and will do anything to go outside or stay there, even if she is cold and shaking because of being wet.  My gut instinct on Indie was spot on.  He hates the water... and the snow.  He will only go outside to do his business and then go right back on to the deck to go back inside.

Olivia's first time in snow.

Belle blending in ;)
Indie's first time in snow... yes in my arms because he 100% refused to get down.
Overall we are enjoying the new adventure that we find ourselves on.  We are happy to be experiencing new things that are helping us grow and learn.  Speaking of learning, school... well let's just get 'er done!!!

Hoping for a great 2012 with lots of new things and firsts!!