Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New year

I was looking back at how fast 2009 went by and noticed that so many new things have happened to us that we have grown from and become even better people.

Here is a list of some of the things that we did in 2009 to help make us better people and help others around us:
  *Work for both of us and school for Jon(Jon's at RadioShack and  Michelle at Dr Chun the Orthodontist)
  *Callings in Church(Michelle in CTR5 and Jon in Sunday School Presidency)
  *Celebrating our 1st Anniversary being married (I always heard that the first year is the worst one... that was          so not true!  We looked back at it and thought... is that all?  Maybe it's because we are loving it!)
  * We went ahead and added to our family by one and now have a six month old Maltipoo puppy named Indie.  (Michelle had never had a dog before in her life and is so happy that she is experiencing puppyhood as a grown adult!  It's training for kids some day!)
  *We got a roommate to share the house/rent with.  We are very grateful for her and the spirit that she brings.  She is so giving and nice!

Our year was a busy one... consisting mostly of working hard to live life to the fullest!  Hope everyone has a great year and that we all can grow a little more to better ourselves!

~HAPPY 2010~