Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making progress as a green thumb!

Remember when we got all that rain here on the Central Coast?  Where the rain fell weeds grew.  It was pretty at first because of the flowers that were coming up, but then it over grew and got out of hand.  Our puppies were bouncing over the weeds through some parts of the yard as opposed to walking or running through the yard.

Today the back yard got a make over (as least a little part of it).  I was excited to get down and dirty and show those weeds who was boss of the yard.  Here are a few photos of the project.

The yard after the rain

In between stages

All the big weeds GONE!


Close up of the dirt that is the only thing left

Here are a few shots of the little ones modeling the backyard ;)
 (little Indie modeling as a boy)

(little Bella striking the pose)                 

Here they really are now in all their cuteness!

True California people!


 I can't say that enough, so we decided that it would be an awesome thing to take our new Blazer out on to the beach.... even in the cold and cloudy weather!

So we went here

to get the goods that was needed.

We built our little fort with the Blazer...

Got comfortable by the fire

and cooked an amazing dinner 

on this warm little spot.

(the white spots on the pic are rain drops!)

We love the beach rain or shine.  
We love building fires like this one

We love our Indie, the sand, and we love the BEACH!

Oceano Beach, CA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Church Songs

Right now I am listening to the LDS radio online (found at this website: and they are talking about the history of some of the Church songs we sing.  It is so beautiful and it makes me have a new appreciation for the songs that we sing every week in Church.  How would Sacrament meeting be Sacrament meeting without songs to worship?  How would the Spirit be able to speak to our hearts if there was no music to move our souls?  How would we be able to reflect on ourselves when hearing inspired words written for us in these latter days?

There is nothing more calming than listening to the Church Hymns.  They are a blessing to me as I hear the music and words.  I would have to say that the hymn "I Believe In Christ" is one of my favorites.  "Have I Done Any Good In The World Today?" is one of the top ones in my book too.  I have to say that the Primary songs are beginning to have new meaning to me, as we sing them every week, being an adult and having a different perspective in life now.  They really do teach the little children the basics of the Gospel and to have faith in Christ.

Ok, so that's it.  My mind is clear and I can enjoy the rest of my Sunday with people I love!  Hope you have a good one too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yay for Foood!!

I don't know about you, but when I get home from work, the last thing that I want to do is to think of some thing to put together for dinner because I was to busy during my "spare" time to put together a list of items to make a dinner, or just didn't get to go to the store.  I found these websites that are fabulous ideas for entering what ever you might have in your kitchen/pantry and making a meal out of it all.  Oh my goodness am I way excited!  Here are the sites:

I am so going to be putting these on my favorites for my every use of the internet!  They are going to be an excellent tool for me since I am not the best at coming up with things to eat, or grabbing things from nowhere and making something absolutely delicious.  

I wanted to try it out, so I entered the keywords: chicken, spinach, and pepper jack cheese and it came up with this recipe:

I want to make it a goal to post something that I find from these websites so that people can also benefit from them.  I think it will help me stick to what I know works and also it can help make a small recipe cook diary for me.  Happy Cooking!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i just have to say that i can't believe you are here already. you better take your time passing by because i need a moment to breathe. man time flies!