Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exciting news!

So, looks at the pictures from the bottom one up (I'm jsut figuring out that it pupts it backwards). We finished painting our walls! For those who don' t know yet, we moved into a house shortly after we got married, it's not ours, but we are helping fix it up! We have spent...oh the past nine months (totalling the months we have been married) trying to paint the walls of our living room! Well, being newly weds has been a blast and working together has been a lot of fun! We've both now become experts on how to peel paint; fill thousands of holes in the walls; texture walls; put primer on to cover the ugly paint colors!; and finally paint the walls! It has been a long process and as I look back on it, a great learning experience for me. Here are some pictures that I took as the process first began and all the way to the ending of it! Now the task is to clean up the mess that the whole process has made!!! Wish me luck cleaning!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Recent movies!

Jon and I have spent the past two Friday nights at the movie theater watching two very good movies!

We watched the new X-Men movie and loved it! plus...who could go wrong with watching Hugh!? Just last night we went to see the new Star Trek movie! Oh my goodness! I can't believe that I really enjoyed it! Here's why I say that:

We walk into the theater and the lights are low and there are some people there chatting away at how excited they are. I am a total people watcher, so I start to notice that there are way to many guys in there that look like they are the type of nerdy guys from high school that wear the pants that are WAY TOO short and they love to study their Chemistry book.

Seeing that I was going to be in the theater with so many nerdy looking fellows (that does not include my husband!) , I was not thinking to highly of the movie...honestly when you think about it, nerds are not the "normal" of the world (that's why they get picked on right?).

I set my judgements aside of the people around me when the lights went down and the movie! It was great! You will have to see it!

Now of course, nobody can replace The original actors, but the movie is very good!