Friday, March 22, 2013

A little note to self...

We are so in need of a break from school.  This semester has been one that we will gladly leave behind and start anew.

The Lord gives us trials and blessings, we all know this.  Most of the time I like to "endure" the blessings, but most of the time I do not endure the trials as well as I do the blessings.  Today a thought came to my head that I had heard before but never really applied to myself personally.  The thought was: when trials come in to my life I should pray to have the strength to get through them and to be able to have patience and faith through it because it will happen anyways.  What I have done in the past with trials, is probably typical of most people, and that was to ask why trials were happening and to have an attitude of "whining" while in prayer.  Instead of asking to become a better person through the trial experience I would ask to just let it pass so I wouldn't have to suffer.  I realized a long time ago that trials are going to come no matter what, so now my goal is to pray to be able to have strength to endure what may come my way.

On a little lighter note, the past three or four weeks I have had tests literally every week and sometimes twice a week like this past week.  Well, today I am feeling like I have a little bit of a breath between tests.  I just finished one big one and now will start study for the next big one for next weekend.  In my little bit of a breath I am on one of my favorite website, Shabby Apple, and found these two cute dresses.  I am day dreaming of a day when I can afford these... and by that time I bet there will be something new that I will desire to have.  Click here and here to see what I am day dreaming about right now (before I start back in with my chemistry studying... Redox reactions... oh how I do not love thee.)

Well I hope all is well out in the world for you!

Have a wonderful day!