Friday, March 13, 2009


All I have to say is that reading other people's blogs makes time fly way to fast! Today happens to be a day off for me. Now usually on days off I like to be productive and clean the house (some may know that we are trying to paint the inside of our house and it is takinga while) but today just didn't hit me as a day for cleaning, I wasn't sure what I wanted to fill my day with. So, I went online...three hours later I came out from it and decided that I really should be getting all walls ready for painting, packing stuff up and rearranging the house so that we can paint. So, here I go! Off to go start, I'll turn on some music, find some boxes to put stuff in, and up dated everyone about how reading other people's blogs online has helped me want to fill my day off with the wonderful task of painting a house! Good luck with your day! I hope all goes well!