Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Begins!!!

Here are a few of the things we have done together as a family this summer!  It's only beginning!

Mom went on the Girl's Camp Hike this year!  Woohoo for her!  She never even got sore!

Leann (aka Dweeb) was in her school's drama club so she got to sing in a "pretty pretty princess gown"
This was a dinner theater night with the theme of country western. 

Dweeb also got to sing (in the same dinner theater) a song from the play Oklahoma here she is after her awesome performance!

Dont mind Lizzie...she was in the middle of laughing :)

Next big thing of the summer is Jon getting the old engine out of the Blazer and putting in the new one!  He worked so hard and so many long hours that this actually should get a post of it's own...but I am not doing a post on something I know almost nothing I'm learning.

My dad had his birthday at the start of summer too!  He turned 51!!  I don't feel like I should have a dad in his fifties...but he is.

And here is his cake!!

and cookies that we also had for celebrating too!

So, that's the update so far.

Loving summer of 2010!!