Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Oh my goodness!  We are so excited to announce that our photo session is up on Gena's blog!!!

Here is the link to it... PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT (there is a contest going on, so leave a comment!):


I love looking at Gena's pictures that she takes!  She is a master with the camera and is so awesome!  I cannot think of enough words to explain how awesome she is!

Here's the story of how I found out we had won!

A while ago I was on her sight and there was a contest to enter for a free session.  I entered not thinking anything of it, just wanted to spread the news about a wonderful photographer, and I won!  I was literally in shock when I found out that I had won!  Picture this: Jon taking a nap and me sitting in bed on a Sunday afternoon.  I was wondering through the internet and decided to go check Gena's blog to see who had won the contest.  I see MY name and say out loud, "Oh my gosh!" and Jon replies in a very out-of-it voice, "What?".  The only words that kept coming out of my mouth are, "Oh my gosh!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!"  Jon is now sitting up and wondering if I am hurt or need a doctor or something.  Jon says, "What is the matter?" and I replay, "Look!!  I actually won something!  I really won something!"  Jon looks at the screen says, "Woohoo!", then turns back over to go to finish his nap!  I of coarse cannot go to sleep, seeing that I had actually won something in my life!  I started bouncing on the bed and was so excited!!

To this day I am excited about having the wonderful work of Gena in our home!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have!

And feel free to go look around at her website too http://www.genasusan.com/index2.php#/home/